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Captain Jim and Maryanne would like to welcome you and your friends aboard Charter Fishing Boat Australian Maid for an unforgettable Port Stephens fishing charters experience.

Privately owned and operated for the past 15 years we offer several cruise packages including our famous Deep Sea Reef and Game fishing charters, Dolphin Watching cruises to see the magical fun loving Bottlenose Dolphins, majestic offshore Whale watching tours, unique Buck’s parties, birthday’s and corporate team building BBQ cruises. A full catering package is also available.

Being exclusively owner operated, we offer a level of safety, friendly service, quality equipment, reliability and customer satisfaction second to none. We take pride in providing the most relaxing charters, filled with fun and excitement our Port Stephens fishing charters explore the waterways from beautiful Broughton Island to spectacular Stockton Bight.

Whether your interests are in catching that elusive “Big Fish”, spending quality time with our awesome whales and dolphins or simply enjoying a most relaxing cruise on our pristine waterways, Australian Made Charters have the location, experience and commitment to make it happen!

Our fishing charters & cruises also offer the very best overall value for money available so book soon and don’t forget your camera for some of the very best photo opportunities imaginable.


Importance of Fusion Vitamins

Importance of Fusion Vitamins

Vitamin mineral supplements used to be recommended for people who had a vitamin deficiency. However, recent studies have established that fusion vitamins can be used by anyone to enhance his or her health.

Fusion vitamins are not classified as medicinal products. Therefore, they are not to be used in disease management. For better health enhancement, nutritional experts advise that one must select a formulation that suits his or her dietary needs. This is because women and men have different vitamin requirements.

Health benefits of Fusion Health Vitamins
• They are essential for a healthy nervous system
• The B group of vitamins are vital for revitalizing energy in women who lose too much blood during menstruation.
• Vitamin C, E, and beta-carotene are antioxidants that protect one from aging. Vitamin C is necessary for the production of collagen which is a component of the skin and blood vessels.
• Fusion vitamin combinations containing Vitamin A, C, and E are ideal for a robust immune system.
• Vitamin E is essential in promoting a healthy heart and good blood circulation.
• Vitamin D enhances bone health and maintains bone density.
• Vitamin B12, iron, Vitamin D, and folate are essential to pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Vitamin Fusions may also contain other minerals that are helpful for one’s health. They may contain Omega-3 and essential fat. A well-balanced diet is required by the body to produce optimum efficiency. This implies that nutrient deficiency lowers body function and performance.

The people who are at risk of nutrition deficiency include pregnant and breastfeeding women, the elderly, those in a strict vegetarian diet, and those undertaking some medications. Moreover, body builders and sports persons may also need a higher intake of vitamin formulas. Fusion vitamins supplements ensure that you acquire all vitamins essential for the body’s metabolic reactions.

Despite the significant role played by the fusion vitamins, people should contact a nutritional expert to help them choose a formula that suits their dietary requirements.

Fusion Curcumin http://www.australianvitamins.com/product/fusion-health-vitamins-curcumin-advanced

Michael Guo: Building on His Achievements

Michael Guo: Building on His Achievements

Michael Guo graduated in 2007 from Macquarie University with master’s degree in economics. A year later Dr. Guo found a job with Imagine Software which is a world risk solution provider. He noticed that the company lacked a well-organized training program for new workers. Guo designed a new training program as a solution to this problem and became the head trainer in the region. He traveled between the United States and Asia teaching new interns and offering consultancy to customers.

Dr. Guo realized the need of investing after five years of working with fund managers. He had a vision. His vision was to have a platform through which stakeholders around the globe could invest for future generations. He later founded a Visionary Investment Group which focuses not only on the development of real estate and cultural investment but also emphasizes on wealth management. Dr. Guo further established the Australian International Trade Association a resources management organization known as Richlink Capital Limited which is a reliable resource management corporation based in China. Richlink is the first company in China to manage resources with a subsidiary in Australia. Up to date his companies Richlink Capital Limited and Vision Investment Group operate out of Sydney and has employed over 20 full-time workers.

Dr. Guo has experience in training both postgraduate and undergraduate. He was shortlisted as 2013 Business lecturer of the year award by Economic Magazine for his excellence in teaching. Also he was nominated as the Deputy Director for Institute of China Development and Research. His work is to create and handle relations on behalf of the institution with Chinese establishments. The school’s objective is to encourage quality research relationships and executive teaching programs. Dr. Guo has various research interests. But his primary focus is on Corporate Finance and also Chinese Business and Finance and Behavioral Finance. Dr. Guo focuses on Media Attention and Stock Return as well as Capital Structure and Market timing.

Skilled Custom Home Builders in Melbourne

Skilled Custom Home Builders in Melbourne

Recruiting home builders Melbourne can depend on is always very important. If you’re fond of the idea of designing and establishing a home sanctuary that’s perfect for your specific personality, then going the customised route is generally the best choice around. When you look for custom home builders in Melbourne, you should always focus on your requirements above anything else.

If you’re searching for custom home builders Melbourne with Interline Constructions who are known for their efficient and reliable design and building work, ask people you know for recommendations. Read reviews of construction businesses online. The goal should be to never enter a situation lightly and carelessly when you’re searching for custom home builders in Melbourne. Remember, designing a home is a big deal. That’s why the last thing you want to do is recruit the assistance of a construction company that simply isn’t reliable or capable. When you’re on the lookout for custom home builders in Melbourne, you should be aware of businesses that consistently get excellent and enthusiastic reviews. You should be aware of businesses that have positive testimonials from customers, as well.

It’s also vital to track down custom home builders in Melbourne who are appropriate for your specific budget needs. Some luxury home construction companies can be pretty expensive, after all. You should focus on hiring a construction company that can offer you brilliant design and building work at highly affordable rates.

If the idea of performing a massive search for a custom home construction company in Melbourne intimidates you, there are other helpful options to consider. If your neighbor has a stunning home that he designed and built from scratch, ask him about the company he used for the process. If he only has good things to say about the company, then it may indeed be a strong option for you.